As well as text I also proofread music. In fact, this is where I began my journey as a proofreader, and I have worked as a freelance editor for Faber Music since 1991. Click here to see a list of all the main compositions I have worked on: Works proofread for Faber Music
I can provide services as a composer, arranger, editor, proofreader and transcriber of music onto Sibelius. Please feel free to contact me to discuss any of these services you might require.

I can heartily recommend Ivor as an astute music proofreader and music editor. He has a thorough knowledge of orchestration and a lifetime of orchestral and ensemble playing, both of which feed into his editing and proofreading work. Ivor is renowned for spotting errors in the printed editions of many very famous repertoire works. He also brings his skills as a composer to the scores he works with: he is our Faber Music go-to person for checking a plethora of sources in meticulous detail.
Elaine Gould – Senior New Music Editor, Faber Music Ltd
Ivor McGregor, as a performer and composer himself, has more insight into the intricacies of orchestration and notation than any music editor I know. I’ve been lucky to have him look through my scores on many occasions, and have always been immensely grateful for his constructive approach. So often music editing confines itself to correcting the equivalent of spelling mistakes, but Ivor does much more than that, pointing out different ways to notate and even suggesting refinements of orchestration that I hadn’t thought of. He is an indispensable aide to composers and publishers alike.
Colin Matthews – Composer
I’m deeply grateful to Ivor McGregor for his painstaking work, proofreading the score and parts for a new arrangement of Bach’s Goldberg Variations. Thanks to a forensic eye for detail and his awareness of performers’ needs we have a beautiful set of parts which are clear, accurate and easy to read. It was also enormously helpful and reassuring to have someone so knowledgeable editing the copy for the CD sleeve notes.
David Juritz – Violinist
I have had occasion to utilize the services of Mr McGregor many times over a number of years for the production of music. This has often involved difficult transpositions etc. which he has consistently done with sympathy and understanding always to perfection.
Thomas Martin – Former Principal Double Bass, London Symphony Orchestra;
International Chair in Double Bass, Royal Birmingham Conservatoire
Ivor has just done an absolutely fabulous job at proofreading a Debussy work that I had arranged. He provided a clearly annotated and beautifully detailed score with excellent suggestions on how to get it ready for publication. And he delivered the score in only a couple of days! I am very impressed with his efficiency, his eye for detail and his thoughtful consideration of what I was trying to achieve in the arrangement. I would not hesitate to use his services again, and recommend him unreservedly.
Roger Benedict – Viola player and Conductor, Former Principal Viola, Philharmonia Orchestra and Sydney Symphony Orchestra. Currently Head of Viola and Chief Conductor at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music
Ivor’s wealth of knowledge and high level of expertise, along with his excellent correspondence response time, instilled confidence in me and I knew I had chosen the right person for the task of proofreading my composition. Ivor’s ability to listen and understand my requirements as someone who is relatively new to music-writing software was much appreciated, and this, along with his attention to detail, clearly shows that he cares about his work. He has been extremely patient and helpful, offering advice and ideas on several levels and I’m really happy with the work he has done. I absolutely recommend Ivor for your proofreading and I’m already preparing some more of my music to send to him.

Holly Jones – Flautist