I provide services editing written material for:

  • students
  • businesses
  • independent writers
  • musicians, composers and arrangers

Ivor Mcgrego - a trusted contractor for proofreading work


Your thesis or dissertation is one of the most important parts of your studies. You want to present your original work and thought at its very best.

Not only can I help you polish your writing, but I will guide you through the process of working with a professional editor. It may well be your first time doing something like this.

There are some ethical constraints and limits to what any proofreader can offer to students. In this I am guided by my membership of the Chartered Institute of Proofreading and Editing. I will not rewrite or change the style of your work. The help I offer focuses on spelling, grammar and language consistency.

My subject areas include music, history, philosophy, politics, psychology, media studies and social affairs.


It’s often a good idea to bring in a language consultant to ensure that your written and digital materials are working in the best way for your company.

Such materials include business reports, marketing materials, in-house documents, training information, websites and blogs.

As a professionally qualified editor I will help you achieve good, clear and consistent writing. I can provide checks for the following:

  • spelling, punctuation and grammar
  • help create a style sheet if you do not already have one
  • consistency of hyphens and capitals
  • figures, tables and labelling
  • headings and subheadings
  • consistent style of dates and lists


Perhaps you are one of many people starting up their own business today. A website is an essential ‘shop window’ giving potential clients a first view of your services, as this one is doing here.

It’s a crucial first impression and I can help you make it as positive as possible. Why not show clients the same attention to detail there as you will in your actual business?

Such details include spelling, grammar, clarity of the message you want to convey, not to mention checking that those links all work and won’t lead to out-of-date content or ‘404 error’ messages.

Independent Writers

Fiction, short stories, drama and screenplays – I provide that final check and polish to your writing.

Whether you are preparing a manuscript for self-publication or to send round to publishers, you’ll doubtless want it in pristine condition. I’ll assist you in getting rid of those typos, spelling errors, punctuation problems, grammar glitches and inconsistencies.

Your style is unique, as is your author’s voice. You can trust me to respect that, so do get in touch to discuss your project and how I can help you with it.

Musicians, Composers and Arrangers

All musical performers need practical, error-free materials in order to play at their very highest levels. I will edit and proofread your compositions and arrangements, setting up the parts with good page turns and clear cues.

My years of experience playing in orchestras and proofreading for a major music publisher will ensure that your music is presented at its very best.

It’s a great idea to ask Ivor to review your website! He did a fabulous job, checking for spelling mistakes, typos and bad phrasing. He gave a speedy service at an excellent price and I feel more confident knowing that my professionalism is not betrayed by a less than perfect knowledge of the English language: highly recommended!Michael Fox – Argyle Fox Finance


Ivor has proofread two publications for my small online publishing business. He was very thorough, reliable and diligent. His work was exactly what we needed and he consulted us at every stage. I would recommend him for this sort of work or any other work that requires care, reliability and good communication. Steve Warnes Publisher, Robano Resources


Ivor has read and given detailed feedback on my new novel in progress. Part of the novel relates to a particular type of romantic fiction writing and so tone, style and content need to be appropriate and consistent for the rest of the novel to work. Ivor’s careful checking, nonintrusive questioning and excellent eye for detail have been particularly helpful with this.Yvonne Oram – Writer, Teacher and Speaker


Ivor has proofed a number of manuscripts for me and I have been really pleased with the service that he has offered. His proofreading is meticulous and detailed and his attention to detail is faultless. Ivor offers corrections for misspellings, grammar, use of words, punctuation and when he feels it would be helpful, he suggests ways of re-structuring phrases or paragraphs. My manuscripts have included detailed academic footnotes and Ivor has been really helpful in bringing to my attention inconsistencies, page reference errors and other mistakes. In other places he might suggest a footnote reference to clarify or to offer better information to the reader. I have no hesitation in recommending Ivor. He is good to work with and his work is thoroughly professional and of a very high standard.Adrian Rance – Writer and Academic


Ivor McGregor undertook the task of scrutinising the text on our website www.nerjahistorygroup.com. Not only did he correct various grammatical errors, he also made some very useful suggestions. He is very conscientious and thorough. I wouldn’t hesitate to use him again.Christina Sinclair – Co-ordinator Nerja History Group


Ivor proofread the content of my new website and I am so glad he did! He uncovered a wide range of errors which would have negatively impacted customer confidence if left unchecked and he made very helpful suggestions. As well as being incredibly thorough and totally reliable, Ivor was an absolute joy to work with. I will definitely be calling on Ivor’s services for other projects and wholeheartedly recommend him.Sally Sheen – Management Consultant and Executive Coach